The PelvicToner helps you rapidly  improve your bladder control and your sex life!


The PelvicToner is the most effective pelvic floor exerciser on the market and is the quickest, simplest and cheapest way to achieve a stronger pelvic floor and better bladder control. 

It is an essential self-help device for all new mums, older mums and especially those going through the menopause, and for all women suffering bladder, prolapse and sexual enjoyment problems because they have a weak pelvic floor.

In clinical trials the PelvicToner has been proven to be much more effective than other 'toning' systems such as expensive electro-stimulation devices and vaginal cones or weights

Based on the success of clinical trials the PelvicToner is the only pelvic toning device to be available on NHS Prescription.

If you have problems caused by a pelvic floor weakness you have two immediate options: 


  • Book an appointment today and ask your doctor to prescribe a PelvicToner
  • Order online now - the PelvicToner costs just £29.99 + £2.00p&p. Delivery 2-3 working days


The PelvicToner™ is an highly effective, clinically-proven, simple to use medical device that has been specifically designed to help you get the most from your pelvic floor muscle exercises.

Following the key principles identified by Arnold Kegel, the PelvicToner helps you identify and isolate the correct muscles and then you exercise effectively by squeezing against a resistance. 

You get instant feedback to show you are squeezing correctly and, as you improve, you can  increase the resistance in stages to make your exercise more demanding.

It's so simple to use and takes just five minutes a day. 

Clinical trials and a recent article published in the British Journal of Urology confirm that the PelvicToner is significantly more effective than electro-stimulation or vaginal cones (pelvic floor weights) because the only real way to strengthen a muscle is to use it! It's just like a piece of gym equipment where every exercise involves lifting, pushing or squeezing against a resistive force or weight. Devices that involve no effort on your part will not bring any real benefits for months, if at all.

"Measures such as electrical stimulation, weighted vaginal cones and biofeedback ... are not universally advocated as they have yet to produce sufficient evidence of efficacy." Comment on current NICE recommendations extracted from British Journal of Urology Intl.

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Best innovative women's product - PelvicToner

"A life changing product, say our testers, who found this amazingly effective to strengthen the pelvic floor, great for your sex life !"

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The PelvicToner is as effective as the Gold Standard treatment recommended by NICE but unfortunately most women do not get this Gold Standard treatment which stipulates supervised pelvic floor muscle training. Instead, they are fobbed off with an exercise sheet. 

This lack of effective training, and the lack of improvement in any realistic timeframe, leads many women to become disillusioned and to give up. The problem is made worse because clinical observations suggest that over a third of women cannot identify and exercise their pelvic floor unaided. The PelvicToner has been proven in clinical trials to overcome all these weaknesses.

Click to hear Dr Sarah Jarvis, medical broadcaster and BBC Radio 2 Doctor, discuss stress incontinence, pelvic floor exercises and the PelvicToner
Still need convincing?

This extract from a Sunday Times article 25 June 2011 puts everything into perspective "Many women see delivering a baby as an emotional high point and could not imagine missing a second of agonising pain, despite the fact that, according to the Lancet, up to one in three of them will afterwards suffer some form of incontinence, and up to one in six some form of sexual dysfunction. In the 266-page Nice document are figures of 64% of women suffering sexual problems six months after childbirth, and a 21% risk of incontinence. An average figure of almost £7,000 is given for lifetime treatment of incontinence, and that is still assuming everyone dies by the age of 80. And fewer than two in three of the women affected actually see a doctor. No treatment at all is suggested for sexual problems. “You do see a lot of British women with vaginas you could drive a bus up,” one woman obstetrician remarked graphically. “I think a lot of them just accept that forgoing sexual pleasure is the price they have to pay for having children.”

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Most PelvicToner users notice significant improvements in a 2 - 3 weeks.

Well over 50,000 women have purchased a PelvicToner and the response is universally positive. Very many women simply say "The PelvicToner has changed my life!"

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"I have been using my PelvicToner for four weeks now. At a recent visit to the doctors, it was confirmed there was an improvement to my prolapse." read more ....

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